ONEComm IQ² - Identify, Quantify, & Qualify Methodology

Client Product & Services Offering(s) = Meets Prospect Company Business Needs & Sales / Budgetary Cycle!!!


  • Introduction (Function as a Resource for Targeted Information and Technical Support)     Presentation of Client Value Propositions
  • Identify - Who are the Prospect Co. Key Influencers / Decision Makers
  • Who are the best persons to talk to? Who is available???
  • Where is the Prospect Company in regards to the "Needs Cycle"? (Active Projects)
  • (Upcoming Projects / Segmented by Client Offerings)
  • Budgetary Cycle Information / Discretionary / Approved Projects / Annual Assessments


  • Determine the Scope of their Operations = How Many Users / Servers / Locations?
  • What are their IT Requirements? Changes for any and all Business Processes / Growth /     Up-Time / Integration / Development / Expansion and/or Simplification / Consolidation /     Reduction ?
  • What are their "Exposures" to System Disparity / Regulatory / Compliancy /     Obsolescence / Downtime / Failure?

    Potential Pain!!! Systems Obsolescence / Lack of Scalability / Downtime = Lack of Competitiveness / Loss of Revenue / eTransactions Failure / eWeb-Services Failure / Brand Damage Control

    Deliver Value Propositions

  • Strategic into Tactical Project Development / Ingress / Egress
  • Intuitive Impact / Causal Relationships throughout the "IT Stack" from Infrastructure     through Data Services, Middleware, Core Enterprise Applications, & Web Services
  • Strategic Consulting / Project Management Expertise
  • Reduction in Costs, Reduction in Downtime, Reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership,     "Green", Optimization, Real Time Reporting, Managerial Overview

    Qualification of Business Opportunities

  • Where is the Prospect Company in regards to the "Sales Cycle"?
  • What Platforms / Databases / Core Business Applications / Development Platforms are they     running?
  • What is and what is not working for them?
  • Are they building a Business Case / Feasibility Study / RFI / RFP Processes?
  • What are the appropriate Value Propositions / Pricing Models Can You "Pitch" them?
  • Do they need Lead Consultation help for Feasibility / Budgeting / Analysis?
  • What is the Decision Time-frame? / Do they have Approved Budgets?
  • When would they like to speak with a Client Technical Representative?