Marketing Consulting / Applied Market Intelligence

ONEComm Marketing Consulting Services can definitively be a great "Value Add" for our Marketing Operations. Whether we are involved on a consulting basis to work with you on Strategic or Development levels, or if we are engaged on a more tactical operations level; ONEComm Marketing Consulting Services experience will add benefit and performance to the campaigns or initiatives.

For the last ten years ONE Communications is a full service outsource Marketing Services firm, providing marketing services principally for Enterprise and Government Level Information Technology Products and Services companies throughout North America. Our ONEComm Marketing Consulting experience ranges from Product Research & Development, New Products, Marketing & Sales Strategies, Productization of Services and Development of VAR & Channel operations moving into Government, Enterprise, and Small & Medium sized businesses. ONE Communications Management and Marketing Representatives are very knowledgeable and focused on the IT sector having executed some 1000+ programs for Enterprise & SMB Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services Applications and supporting services. In addition to our IQ2 Methodology, our relational style is to be very knowledgeable and personable in our approach and very diligent in our follow up in order to create a rapport with prospects.

This methodology along with our knowledge base has been very successful in gaining us those points of inception that are desired by our clientele. Our Data Collection Design, Prospect Profiling, Lead Scoring and Lead Tracking systems will take a prospect through their needs and sales cycle and, if requested, up to and including appointment and proposal readiness. As follow up to our "Interruptive" Rich e-Mail Deployment, Outbound- Inbound Calling, Lead Generation services, we also offer "electronic fulfillment" with creative development services and worldwide deployment and tracking for e-Brochures including setting up of appointments. We also have web-based Lead Distribution and Management Web Services available for Lead Distribution, Enhanced Follow-up, Lead Nurturing / Appointment Management, Inside Sales, Customer Relations, with full Campaign Overview / Reporting of Leads and Pipeline throughout your Partner or Channel Teams.

ONEComm provides actionable Applied Market Intelligence, which can be seen as the "Reflection" of your organization as a Solutions Provider in light of your Target Prospect Company's needs in the Global Market Place. ONEComm is dedicated to provide you with empirical and statistical analysis feedback that you may be able to delineate how best your company can align your IT Product & Services offerings to meet the current and future needs of your Target Prospect Market. Imagine if you could ask pointed direct questions and received pointed direct answers in response, and collect and that data for analysis in order to make empirically supported decisions. Yes even Socrates would be proud!

ONEComm Data Collection Design and Call Center Operations will ask those direct Qualifying Questions, which not only yield answers, but in relatively short time will yield Qualified Business Opportunities as viable Points of Inception through our ONEComm Lead Generation / Tele-Prospecting operations. In support of the primary Points of Inception, ONEComm provides granular information about Pain Points, Key Contacts, Decision Makers, Key Influencers, IT Projects, Budgetary Cycles, even what format to deliver your Company Information and collateral. We operate on the principle of giving Information to obtain Information. ONEComm's presentation as your Marketing Group is perceived by the Prospect as a conduit or resource for your Technical Information based upon their IT environments, needs, approved projects, information gathering, etc.

In a parallel Applied Market Intelligence operation ONEComm Data Collection Design / Prospect & Customer Surveys can also capture and deliver actionable intelligence regards to Strategic Engagement with the Prospect Companies. . Applied Market Intelligence can be leveraged meet your Prospective Clients IT shorter and medium term Needs by also beginning to frame those in reference to the Prospect's Longer Term Strategies. This includes to some degree adoption or referencing of Prospect based nomenclature, timing, teams, process, etc. In this manner ONEComm will also look to delineate and deliver information that will support your Strategic into Tactical Business Development / Product Development / & "Productization" of Services.

At ONEComm, it is our Line of Business to create and manage Pipelines of Business for you and our other Clients. We have developed and executed some #1000 (+) Initiatives for Qualifying Leads for the major Enterprise Level IT Services Groups including APC, BEA, IBM, SUN Microsystems, Arrow ECS, AVNET, Agilysys, MOCA, etc. Our clients generate some $12 Billion dollars in revenues. Our systems and support services are a viable provider at that world class level. Obviously, ONE Communications support services are only a contributing factor to strong Go to Market focus and Sales execution by these client groups.

ONE Communications is a results driven organization and has developed our own proven methodology and operations as support for our clients. Our ONEComm Management Teams have #12 Years "Go to Market" Experience with Enterprise Level Information Technology Products and Services. We have provided collaborative communications and expertise for the set up, design, and execution of some #1000 + Enterprise and Government focused Lead Generation and/or Event / Appointment Setting Marketing, and Pre-Sales / Inside Sales Initiatives to date.

We generate Qualified Leads and New Business Opportunities that meet your unique "Qualifying Criteria" and capture any and all quality data per our collaboration in the development and execution of the campaign processes. Our ONE Communications Representatives are accountable and capable and we have found that along with our responsive communications with client and prospect companies alike to be winning combination.

Over the years, ONE Communications Marketing Management, Operations, and Marketing Staff have accumulated and leverage an Enterprise Information Technology Product and Services "Knowledge Base" to better support the articulation of your Company's Offerings and Value Propositions. We establish a "Rapport" with Prospect Company IT Decision Makers & Key Influencers; Articulate Value Propositions, engage them in Dialogue as to their IT Environments, what is and what isn't working, and then directly if not stealthily "Ask the Qualifying Questions" and elicit information as to their IT Needs & Approved Projects including upcoming Budgetary & Sales Cycle information that will make the real difference when Pre-Qualifying Leads and Generating Actionable Results for your Marketing Program Initiatives and relevant ROI.