ONEComm Marketing Call Center Services

Lead & Demand Generation / Tele-Prospecting Services

ONEComm Lead & Demand Generation / Tele-Prospecting

Turnkey Provisions are available for the development of your net New Business Opportunities! For each Marketing Lead / Demand initiative independent or otherwise ONEComm Management & IT Development Teams, we oversee the internal processes to write, implement, and execute a custom application managing Data & Targeted List Resources, Scripting, Prospect Profiling, ONEComm Lead Scoring, Managerial Overview, Quality Assurances, Lead Distribution & Pipeline Management, through closed business via ONEComm Marketing and Inside Sales Representatives. ONEComm Custom Applications and supporting operations can be set up conjunction with you Corporate Mailings / Email Broadcasts/ Trade-show / Event initiatives.

Campaign / Initiative Set up

ONEComm Management will conduct interviews with your Marketing and Sales Teams at the inception of these Marketing Campaigns and Initiatives. Based upon your specialized needs, ONEComm Account Management will then design needed process and approvals for set up, protocols for lead transfer, and work with your Team to help align Lead Qualifying criteria with Product & Services offerings, and follow up processes, bringing into line campaign expectations while also planning to get appropriate resources in place for follow up of projected results.

Qualifying Criteria, Script, and Prospect Profiles

ONE Communication's goal and directive is to get your Technology Sales Persons in the door and give you every means of assistance in closing the business opportunities that ONEComm has generated on your behalf. To insure the success of these initiatives ONEComm will request and require reciprocal communication for the refinement of Scripting, FAQs, Prospect Profiles, Incremental Progress Follow-up Conference Calls, etc. ONEComm is dedicated to the continued development and refinement of the ONEComm Client Marketing Operations and supporting business processes for the optimal path for the development and transition of any and all data for the opportunities developed for our ONEComm Clients, and any and all necessary follow-up procedures to be supported in their execution.

Lead Generation Qualifying Criteria

ONEComm will work with your Marketing and Sales Lead Persons for application of our Prospect Profiling and Lead Generation development services to determine the Qualifying Criteria that best applies to your Business Model / Campaign focus. ONEComm will then also apply custom Lead Scoring and Rating in order to further qualify the Lead Opportunities as either a Hot Lead, A Lead, B Lead, C Lead or FYI Level for prioritization in regards your Marketing and Sales follow up requirements.

ONEComm - Lead Rating System / Prioritization

ONEComm provides Call Center Applications Development support to deliver Custom, Scripting, Profiling, and Lead Scoring to assist in the prioritization of Lead Follow up. Each Interrogative or Question is given a Tiered Hierarchical "Scored Response" and the corresponding numerical values are then accumulated and tallied to determine how well each Prospect "fits" on strategic and tactical levels. Pre-determined scores will determine Hot Leads, A Level Leads, B Level Leads, C Level Leads, Requests for Information, etc. as well as the break off points for deliverables and/or ONEComm / Client follow up processes.

Collateral Materials / e-Fulfillment

ONE Communications will need to have on hand your complete Product / Solutions collateral materials, digital (.pdf or electronic brochures) for our use in regards slated Marketing / Pre-Sales / Customer Relations / Inside Sales programs and campaigns. ONEComm will provide e-Fulfillment Services in support of the various Call Center Operations to allow for Prospects to review Whitepapers, .PDFs and other Technical Documents or Presentations to assist those Prospects in becoming more familiar with Client Product & Services offerings and how well they are a fit for the Prospect Company IT needs. This is a great Content / Visual Support for the various Marketing / Pre-Sales / Customer Relations / Inside Sales programs and campaigns.

Pilot Programs / Ongoing Services Agreements

ONEComm offers Pilot Level programs to new ONEComm Clients in order to begin to demonstrate the viability of ONEComm Services and Deliverables. These Pilot Programs vary from #3-6 months or less and are designed and executed to perform on project based production metrics and to help to define ongoing needs and production metrics in support of sustained operations delivering the most cost effective targeted returns. Certainly there are greater returns based upon the consistency of an ongoing services support model.

Lead Nurturing / Appointment Setting Services

Here in early 2019, our ONEComm Teams are having some great success with our higher level ONEComm Lead Nurturing / Appointment Setting support addressing existing time sensitive (and undervalued?) Leads / Pipelines / & Customer Lists. In addition to our ONEComm IQ² (Identify, Quantify, & Qualify) our ONEComm Teams Consultative Approach to Tele-Prospecting / Lead Generation - ONEComm is aggressively addressing Customer Lists, Warm Lists, Webinar / Event Attendees, Cold Leads, and any and all latent Pipeline Resources to drive New Business. We are again to qualify them per their IT Environment / Project Needs into Sales Cycles driving 10-20% continually of those opportunities for Appointment / Proposal Readiness.

Lead Standardization / Pipeline Management

ONEComm also provides Standardization for your various Leads resources. ONEComm Senior Team members provide Enhanced Follow-up, any and all Lead Updates, Lead Nurturing, and Appointment Setting while transitioning all the Lead information into a Master Lead format with Data Rectification into Standardized Data and Version Tracking for all forms. ONEComm Account Management works with you Sales and Marketing Staff to determine which campaign approaches, qualifying questions and interrogatives, and key criteria translates into the most salient points for Leads that meet Pipeline Requirements and help drive your Quarterly Quotas. Applied Market Intelligence is introduced to determine will be the next steps for further development of business relationships with prospect contacts.

Customer Relations Touch

The prime point of contact for sales is for you to revisit any and all current or past customers. Recent Gartner Group studies show that less than 30-50% of current customers receive sustained communications by their IT Providers. By your reselling into your existing Current & Past Customers: you are focusing your Marketing Resources and maximizing your Marketing Dollar ROI. Per our ONEComm Customer Relations / Call Center Production / Data Collection Design Teams we can set up support of specific Customer Centric initiatives for Product / Services follow ups, update and get in touch with those previously or less frequented Customer Contacts, determine salient points of needs and interest, and report to the Appropriate Marketing / Sales / AE Contacts based upon your established protocols. ONEComm will augment your current in-house capabilities to move into ongoing Customer Support operations as an "Enhanced Digital Follow-up" farming or mining operation.

Performance Based Agreements / Lead Guarantees

ONEComm offers Performance Based Services Agreements based upon Monthly Services fees and pre-set Qualifying Criteria and Payable / Deliverables / Reporting scheduled that can be readily measured and evaluated for results. It is very important to ONEComm that our ONEComm Clients pay for results not hype as is most commonly received from other Lead Generation or Appointment Setting companies that do not Qualify Business Opportunities based upon Needs & Sales Cycle information to help you properly prioritize time and dollars and properly apply your follow up resources!

Quality Assurances Operations / Qualified Leads / Lead Guarantees

ONEComm is committed to meeting your unique Marketing Program Objectives including guarantees for deliverables & metrics with accurate Program Tracking & Reporting. ONEComm Management and our support IT Staff write a custom application including Script & Profile that Qualifies, Scores, and Prioritizes Leads based upon each Client's unique Qualifying Criteria.

Marketing / Pre-Sales / Inside Sales Operations

ONEComm Management will work cooperatively to development the best array of ONEComm Services that will best augment your in-house capabilities and support your Go to Market needs. Over the years, ONEComm has been requested to follow up Leads with additional Lead Nurturing, Appointment Setting, Web Demonstrations, and even Closed Business for various Trial Use into Continued Use licensing and other Sales Models. ONEComm has many highly qualified Pre-Sales and Inside Sales staffing options.

ONEComm Marketing Operations / IT Support Services

ONEComm Data Sources / Target List Management

Marketing Applications Development Services

ONEComm has onsite Applications Development Team Leader & Teams for full Applications Development / Applications Change Management Support including Custom Scripting / Profiling / Lead Scoring / & Reporting. ONEComm has on site Master Degree Level Database Administration Staffing and Professional Web Design and Web Applications Development Services in support of ONEComm Marketing Services operations.

Integration with Third Party Applications (CRM/PRM)

ONEComm working with some of the premier Third WebServices for Lead Distribution, Lead Management, Sales / CRM, & PRM (Partner Relations Management) systems to provide the more extensive tools for lead tracking and lead monitoring with Sales Proposal, Sales Forecasting, and ROI Tracking tools, under various Client Operations. ONE Communications also offers low cost fully Web Based Lead Distribution and Management Solutions.

Target List & Data Resources / Opportunity for Return on Expenditure (ORE)

ONE Communications provides you with Proprietary and Third Party Prospect Company / IT Contact list resources.

Web-Services / Email Broadcast Campaigns

A Sequence of up to #5 e-mail messages. Each message will promote a featured benefit for your products / services. Each message will be structured to further qualify the Lead by our ONEComm (DCD) Data Collection Design and Automation Solutions. Action based requests are pushed to the prospect company with measurable results.

Intelligent Setups / Marketing Intelligence

ONEComm's Data Collection Design and Intelligent Setups are the preparatory steps for Data Collection / Call Center Production operations that will eventually yield our ONEComm Applied Marketing Intelligence. ONEComm is leveraging the wealth of experience or Knowledge Based gained over some #1000 + Marketing, Tele-Prospecting, Prospect Profiling, Lead Scoring, Event Registration, Lead Nurturing, Appointment Setting, Enhanced Follow-up, Lead Distribution, Inside Sales, and Customer Relations Support Campaigns. This Knowledge Base is essentially quantifiable empirical data the various Business Processes, Templates, and Best Practices for Operations models on which we have built ONEComm.

ONEComm Marketing Event & Design Services

Event Production Services

Event Production Services

ONE Communications can provide your organization a turnkey operation in regards to the Event Production concept, design, and staging for your corporate communications events. ONEComm provides full creative support for Concept & Design; Staging & Lighting; Graphic Design & Large Scale Printing; onsite Installation & Site Management suppprt. Our ONEComm Call Center support can also work to Promote and Register your target audience for the Live or Online event. In addition to Event Registration, ONE Communications can also support your event with our pre-production market analysis to help dial in the design, corporate objectives, and tailor the Event Concept, Design, and Staging approach to the target audience. ONEComm can also incorporate the Event Registration / Data Collection Design including any Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, and Appointment Setting to maximize your return on investment for your marketing expenditure.

Event Registration Services

Graphic Design / Web Design Services

ONEComm offers professional Web & Graphic Design in-house in support of our ONEComm Client focused B2B Marketing Services. ONEComm offers Web & Graphic Design Consulting and online web services including Web Site Design & Conversions, Website Marketing / SEM / SEO, and custom Script Writing (Flash, JAVA, .NET), creative Graphic Design, Promotional Media, Advertising Research, Print Ads / Brochures / Banners, Web Email Broadcast Design & Mgt, Computer Graphic Production, Graphic Design for Slide Presentations, Computer Image Composition, Processing, Corrections and/or Retouching, & Interactive Computer Media.

Marketing Consulting / Applied Market Intelligence

ONEComm Marketing Consulting Services can definitively be a great "Value Add" for our Marketing Operations. Whether we are involved on a consulting basis to work with you on Strategic or Development levels, or if we are engaged on a more tactical operations level; ONEComm Marketing Consulting Services experience will add benefit and performance to the campaigns or initiatives.

Initial Training Support & Ongoing Program Refinement

Our ONEComm Management, Operations, Marketing, Customer Support, and Inside Sales Staff are dedicated to Open "Responsible and Responsive" Communication for the continued betterment of our ONEComm Client Support Services. ONEComm will deliver the best of our ONEComm Staffing with the adequate background, experience, and range of skills to manage and be successful on your behalf.

Interruptive into Permissive Modes of Marketing

For the last ten years ONE Communications is a full service outsource Marketing Services firm, providing Consultative Marketing Services principally for Enterprise and Government Level Information Technology Products and Services companies principally throughout North America. ONE Communications Management and Marketing Representatives are very knowledgeable and focused on the IT sector having executed some 350+++ programs for Enterprise IT Applications and OEM Equipment Distribution and supporting services. Our IQ² methodology (Identify / Quantify / Qualify) is underlying work ethic and our goal is to be very personable in our approach and very diligent in our follow up to be demonstrative of our Client focused professionalism in order to create a rapport with prospects.

Market Surveys

ONEComm utilizes their ONEComm IT and DCD (Data Collection Design) and supporting customized forms and templates to drive Data Collection in support of your Market Research and/or Customer Relations follow up pieces. Our ONEComm Teams are also currently tracking various levels of M&A and Consolidations at Business Process Level and the intuitive impact of those higher level changes as relates to their Enterprise IT Needs Cycles into Sales Cycles for Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM, HR, Financials, etc.) and Data Level solutions into SOA Expansion, BPM, BPO, BI, EAI, IDM, SSO Provisioning / Security (Middleware Solutions as well as Server Consolidation / Clustering / Virtualization / HA / DR / and Remote Services Opportunities, etc.

Lead Distribution / Campaign Management Solutions

ONE Communications also offers low cost fully Web Based Lead Distribution and Management Solutions. These online applications offer secure Lead Assignment Management, giving your Marketing and Sales Teams Managerial Overview and Integrated Controls over your organization's Sales Reps, Partner / VAR Companies and their Individual Reps and their access to Leads to ensure timely and successful follow up of those Leads.

Marketing Campaign Reporting

ONEComm Reports Leads / Appointments and other value added Data in .RTF Presentation Format and/or Tab Delimited or other Data Format(s) per our client needs and specifications as denoted in our Deliverable Schedule per our mutual agreement. ONEComm has onsite Master Degree Level Database Administration personnel for full Campaign and Production Reporting.

Channel / VAR Network Development / Cooperative Marketing Initiatives

ONE Communications / ONEComm brings over a decade of experience for Lead / Demand Generation into Channel and VAR / VASP Distribution for Enterprise and SMB focused IT Products and Services operations. ONEComm is able to provide standardization across Partner and Channel operations, while still providing unique Data / Lead Distribution & Management for Partners across the continental U.S.

Marketing / Communications Technology Development

ONE Communications International, Inc. & ONEComm plays a modest role as harbingers in bringing various new world-class technologies to Market for Clients Go To Market, Strategic Partners, and in support our ONEComm Client Operations.