Quality Assurances Operations / Qualified Leads / Lead Guarantees

ONEComm is committed to meeting your unique Marketing Program Objectives including guarantees for deliverables & metrics with accurate Program Tracking & Reporting. ONEComm Management and our support IT Staff write a custom application including Script & Profile that Qualifies, Scores, and Prioritizes Leads based upon each Client's unique Qualifying Criteria.

ONEComm Management will work cooperatively to development the Qualifying Criteria as to what will constitute Leads, Lead Scoring, Appointments, and other deliverables per an agreed upon Payable Deliverable schedule. Any Phone Appointments, Leads, or potential Business Opportunities that do not meet the agreed upon Qualifying Criteria will be reviewed for the further refinement under the term of the program per ONEComm Quality Assurance Team. If there was a failure or error on the part of ONE Communications to comply with the agreed upon qualifying criteria, we will make every effort to replace any appointment(s) in a timely fashion under the duration of the program.

ONEComm Managerial Review and Quality Assurance Teams will stand by our ONEComm Deliverables to determine which Leads, Lead Scoring, Appointments, and other deliverables were valid as they were taken, and to work continually with our ONEComm Call Center Production, Floor Management, Training, and IT Support Staff to make certain that established Qualifying Criteria is being met per original agreements and ongoing change tracking operations.

Certain ONEComm clients have set up individual or unique systems for call / contact centers under exclusive high volume and long term use agreements and those sites can generate Call Recordings for Client Use. Per our project based work, ONEComm any and all ONEComm Outbound Call Center / Audio Files per our legal department are protected under FCC Regulations and/or The Patriot or Guardian Acts as relates to the Homeland Security and are only used for ONEComm Internal Training / Quality Assurance only.