Pilot Programs / Ongoing Services Agreements

ONEComm offers Pilot Level programs to new ONEComm Clients in order to begin to demonstrate the viability of ONEComm Services and Deliverables. These Pilot Programs vary from #3-6 months or less and are designed and executed to perform on project based production metrics and to help to define ongoing needs and production metrics in support of sustained operations delivering the most cost effective targeted returns. Certainly there are greater returns based upon the consistency of an ongoing services support model.

ONEComm also provides discount pricing for longer term agreements and/or cumulative volume production. FYI, it is not our usual "roll" to do any type of blitz or high pressure campaigns as those may also drive significant negative returns which are not part of our ONEComm model. With a normal ramp up time of #2-4 weeks, and further Call Production / list penetration requirements and variables depending on the overall call area / list resources / production resources, etc. We can begin to deliver tangible results from calling campaigns on a batch process basis with Qualified Business Opportunities being delivered to your Marketing / Sales staff within #2-6 weeks.