Our ONEComm News - March 28th, 2019

ONEComm - Successfully Marketing Your Cloud Services Offerings 2018 into 2019

Yes, in 2018 everything has come full circle once again, we have come from the original Mainframe dummy terminals and networks, then into Applications Services Providers (ASP), and now we find our Target Markets once again looking to reduce IT Infrastructure & Software costs via "Cloud" Services. Cloud computing refers to services, applications, and data storage delivered online through powerful remote file servers. Speaking at Oracle OpenWorld last year, Larry Ellison said that the computer industry is more fashion-driven than women's fashion and cloud computing is simply the latest fashion. So true to the latest fashion where what was old is now new again, "dépêche mode", we bring you ONEComm Marketing for Cloud Services for 2018-2019!

Our ONEComm News - January 8th, 2019

The Top Requested Project Categories into 2019!

What are the top requested Enterprise IT Project Information packets throughout our extensive ONEComm Client and Partner operations. On a "Need to Know" basis where are the areas where your IT Products and Services offerings align with current Prospect IT Products and Services demands? The current economic conditions have been termed as everything from an overdue market correction to a full blown recession. The truth of the matter is that the U.S. Enterprise & SMB base IT Product and Services market has leveled off to a great extent and even the most astute analysts can only suppose when the downturn will show some indisputable evidence of recovery. On a day to day basis most rhetoric has to do with whether or not we have seen the bottom of this downward turn or if we still have further to go in that direction.

Our ONEComm News - December 28th, 2018

Outsource your Marketing for 2018

Some of the hard choices that are being made in the 2019 highly competitive marketplace have to do with redefining and re-engineering of business processes and redefining and even the repositioning of a given business model in the marketplace. The time has come for basic Business 101; the only thing that you can control absolutely is your overhead. What are your options, what are the core functions for future growth and what can be eliminated? Of those that stay, what will require your absolute proprietary controls, and what can be sub-contracted or "outsourced".

Our ONEComm News - October 1st, 2019

The Added Power of Marketing!
For Product Development and "Productization" of Services

For the information technology product and services business models in the market today, the "Power of Marketing" has greatly increased due to key market driven factors such as faster time to market requirements and ever-growing demands for even better products and services to remain competitive in the market. Marketing has essentially become a fulcrum between Advertising and Pre-Sales / Engineering best utilized as a "Push - Pull" entity that has both market penetration pre-sales and investigative qualities with data collection and applied market intelligence aspects to be leveraged to assist in the ongoing refinement of your "Go to Market" Strategies.

Our ONEComm News - May 4th, 2019

Successfully Leveraging Your Sales & Marketing Investments to Date

You may already have targets in mind for improvement of your organization's Marketing, Pre-Sales, and/or Inside Sales operations. You may be looking for some outside Marketing and Sales Consulting that can work with you to address those targets and also assist your organization to quantify and execute on those high return or "Exceptional Ideas". Any "Exceptional Idea" is not truly tested or made profitable until it is successfully put into action!