Marketing / Pre-Sales / Inside Sales Operations

ONEComm Management will work cooperatively to development the best array of ONEComm Services that will best augment your in-house capabilities and support your Go to Market needs. Over the years, ONEComm has been requested to follow up Leads with additional Lead Nurturing, Appointment Setting, Web Demonstrations, and even Closed Business for various Trial Use into Continued Use licensing and other Sales Models. ONEComm has many highly qualified Pre-Sales and Inside Sales staffing options.

ONEComm Managerial and Call Center Production / Training Teams will work closely with your Marketing and Sales Lead Persons for the quickest path to adoption and production of your established Pre-Sales and/or Inside Sales Training. ONEComm will perform on a quotation of services basis for costs plus commissions in support of those operations where commissions and/or incentive models may apply.