Lead Nurturing / Appointment Setting Services

ONEComm also provides Standardization for your various Leads resources. ONEComm Senior Team members provide Enhanced Follow-up, any and all Lead Updates, Lead Nurturing, and Appointment Setting while transitioning all the Lead information into a Master Lead format with Data Rectification into Standardized Data and Version Tracking for all forms. ONEComm Account Management works with you Sales and Marketing Staff to determine which campaign approaches, qualifying questions and interrogatives, and key criteria translates into the most salient points for Leads that meet Pipeline Requirements and help drive your Quarterly Quotas. Applied Market Intelligence is introduced to determine will be the next steps for further development of business relationships with prospect contacts.

ONEComm Lead Re-Qualification / Standardization Various ONEComm Clients utilize ONEComm continued operations in support of Re-qualification and Standardization for formatting and delivery process of Leads from various resources, i.e. Web Inquiries, Webinars / Event Registrations, latent Pipelines and queues resulting from reorganization or turnover in sales staff. This helps the client to unify Lead Production and manage your Pipeline, by standardizing data and identifying key performance criteria to determine which of the overall underlying lead resources is most accurate, timely, and yielding higher returns.

ONEComm Lead Distribution / Pipeline Management is based upon Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing yielding a continual 10-20% (+) Appointment Level Deliverables. Any and all Leads and Appointments can be delivered directly to Client Marketing and Sales. Or alternatively, ONEComm can deliver and manage Lead Distribution, Lead Nurturing, and Appointment Setting processes via our online web-based Lead Manager, lead distribution web services. This ideal when you are delivering leads to remote and/or field sales, channel, and or partner level sales, etc. These are areas where your organization would benefit from real time Web Distribution of Qualified Leads, Lead Tracking, Enhanced Lead Follow up, through Closed Business; while also giving your organization protections against Leads not being follow up, or worst case scenario lost due to reorganization or turn over in Channel / Partner sales.