Lead Nurturing / Appointment Setting Services

Here in early 2019, our ONEComm Teams are having some great success with our higher level ONEComm Lead Nurturing / Appointment Setting support addressing existing time sensitive (and undervalued?) Leads / Pipelines / & Customer Lists. In addition to our ONEComm IQ² (Identify, Quantify, & Qualify) our ONEComm Teams Consultative Approach to Tele-Prospecting / Lead Generation - ONEComm is aggressively addressing Customer Lists, Warm Lists, Webinar / Event Attendees, Cold Leads, and any and all latent Pipeline Resources to drive New Business. We are again to qualify them per their IT Environment / Project Needs into Sales Cycles driving 10-20% continually of those opportunities for Appointment / Proposal Readiness.

Q1 2019 into Q3 Project "Spike": We have found that the Targeted Prospect Companies and their Key Influencers / Decision Makers are actively pursuing their own internal Needs Analysis / Budgetary Development in support of their Internal IT Investments / Strategic Planning. We have had a high success rate of readily turning some 10-15% (+, +, +) of those Pipelines into Re-Qualified or Updated Leads and Appointments with some 50-80% (+) of those Appointments being confirmed as Points of Inception for 2018 / 2019 Projects! Subsequent passes should yield similar results as timeliness and consistence of calling aligns with the Prospects' needs and budgetary cycles / approvals process.