Lead Generation Qualifying Criteria

ONEComm will work with your Marketing and Sales Lead Persons for application of our Prospect Profiling and Lead Generation development services to determine the Qualifying Criteria that best applies to your Business Model / Campaign focus. ONEComm will then also apply custom Lead Scoring and Rating in order to further qualify the Lead Opportunities as either a Hot Lead, A Lead, B Lead, C Lead or FYI Level for prioritization in regards your Marketing and Sales follow up requirements.

In the case whereby the prospect has specific future needs and interest in your Product and Solutions offerings; however is not available for a Phone Conference or onsite Appointment in the shorter then alternatively ONE Communications will provide our Prospect Profiling and Lead Generation services to further qualify the Lead Opportunity as either a Hot Lead, A Lead, B Lead, C Lead or FYI Level for prioritization in regards follow up requirements.

A Prospect Profile with general company information and any specific IT Information as to their pending needs and projects, preliminary budgets / budget cycles, follow up time-frame, and method for follow up will be gathered, uploaded into your CRM and/or transferred or distributed directly to the appropriate corporate Marketing / Sales Lead persons. Should the Marketing / Sales Lead persons require any additional support they will be in direct contact with ONE Communications and our ONEComm Account Management for any Re-Qualification and Quality Assurances follow up.

These reports are batch processed through our ONEComm Managerial Review / Quality Assurances // Ongoing Training support groups. Each lead is then either approved or pushed back into Lead Generation for further Qualifications. Each batch of Qualified is transferred weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly as per the agreed payable / deliverable schedules.

As Deliverables; any of the Hot Leads (#0-3 Month Decision Time Frame) and / or A Leads (Prime opportunity w/ Preliminary Budget / 0-6 Decision Time Frame) will be transferred in a timely manner to your Marketing / Sales for their timely follow up. Per the Support Services of ONE Communications any of the B Leads (6 + Month Decision Time Frame / No Preliminary Budgets Approved), C Leads (# 6-9 +Month Decision Time / No Preliminary Budget). A Leads, and B Leads are delivered via batch process, Hot Leads are delivered as "exceptions", within a #24-48 hour turn around. These Leads will be addressed with ongoing Electronic Fulfillment, Digital Tracking, and Enhanced Follow-Up Services to potentially bring them up to appointment or proposal readiness. These leads could be then used as a basis for ongoing or subsequent initiatives for follow up per the time frame and contact preferences of the end user company contacts.