ONEComm Data Sources / Target List Management

  • ONE Communications utilizes our proprietary ONEComm Data Source database including     some #500,000 (+) Tier One - Tier Two IT Decision Makers / Key Influencers as a Target     Marketing List. We also work with Dun & Bradstreet, Harris, Harte Hanks, and other major     list and data brokers to build targeted lists on a by the initiative basis. Our normal protocol     would be to review your target lists, cross reference that with our data to develop three     universes yours, ours and where those intersect.
  • Our ONEComm Call Center operations / calling paradigm then tracks which universe is     producing the most Qualified Leads and is automated to circulate that to the top of the     daily calling lists. Those contacts are followed up by ONE Communications per outbound /     inbound call center services for augmentation of data, lead generation, and appointment     setting etc. to bring said opportunities up to and including appointment / proposal     readiness.
  • Certainly there may be some concerns for List Management, Data Rectification, List     Updates and Data Transfers. ONE Communications has onsite Master's Degree level Data     Base Administration / Applications Development Staff and our List / Data Management     Services are an integral part of our core competencies. We can readily integrate our     operations with your current CRM / Lead Management Solutions or provide you with our     own. In regards to protecting your company's proprietary information and data, we can     certainly review and sign your Non Disclosure agreement to give you some security     provisions.
  • ONEComm has on site Master's Degree Level Database Administration Staffing and     Professional Web Design and Web Applications Development Services in support of     ONEComm Marketing Services operations. ONEComm has onsite Master's Degree Level     DBAs for full Database / List Management Support including Custom Applications     Development / Database Profiling / Lead Scoring / & Reporting. ONEComm Reports     Leads / Appointments / Sales in .RTF Presentation Format and/or Tab Delimited or     other Data Format per client specifications.