Customer Relations Touch

The prime point of contact for sales is for you to revisit any and all current or past customers. Recent Gartner Group studies show that less than 30-50% of current customers receive sustained communications by their IT Providers. By your reselling into your existing Current & Past Customers: you are focusing your Marketing Resources and maximizing your Marketing Dollar ROI. Per our ONEComm Customer Relations / Call Center Production / Data Collection Design Teams we can set up support of specific Customer Centric initiatives for Product / Services follow ups, update and get in touch with those previously or less frequented Customer Contacts, determine salient points of needs and interest, and report to the Appropriate Marketing / Sales / AE Contacts based upon your established protocols. ONEComm will augment your current in-house capabilities to move into ongoing Customer Support operations as an "Enhanced Digital Follow-up" farming or mining operation.

Our ONEComm Marketing Representatives will introduce themselves as "Your Company's" Marketing Department and follow your established protocols to inquire as to any customer satisfaction topics , present your "updated" Company Product & Services Information, support new Value Propositions, and dialogue with your Customers to check and gather for any new outstanding IT requirements, approved or pending projects, including Business Case Development / Feasibility Studies or administration for Scheduling of Conference Calls and/or Onsite Appointments.