Cost Effective / Results Oriented (ROI)

Through our ONEComm ASP and Virtual Office configurations in addition to our modest brick and mortar footprint, ONE Communications has been able to economically grow and develop our Core Management and Administration Teams, long term Core Marketing Representatives, IT and Web-Services Support, and ongoing mutually beneficial Subcontractor relationships. Monthly services range from $3,500.00 to $35,000.00 (+) depending on the scope of your operational needs. ONE Communications offers Turnkey Lead Generation / Tele-Prospecting / Customer Relations & Inside Sales Support Services at $55.00 (+) per hour with only some additional costs for IT Set up and Support on a monthly basis.

Truly our ONEComm Qualifying of Business Opportunities and Pipeline Support Services for our clients becomes more cost effective over time and drives more results with sustained or subsequent initiatives leveraging the ongoing result. One of the IBM Premier Partners that we have provided ongoing services for the last several years is grossing approximately $300 Million in sales / revenues; upon our last review ONE Communications accounts for some 44% of their pipeline. Another of our nationwide clients is looking to double their Field Sales this year. Another is looking to increase by 60%. These are strong and healthy growth indications in a relatively moderate economic climate.

Obviously, ONE Communications support services are only a contributing factor to strong Go to Market focus and Sales execution by our Clients. With the shorter term projects, which ONEComm can and will do successfully, we often find that by the time we have something ramped up we have nearly exhausted the billable hours, although we can and do deliver results as veritable client advocates, we will look to expand or continue as we were. Often times we have found that our ONEComm Lead / Demand Generation can carry the weight of the overall initiative in regards to deliverables, results, and real business opportunities while amounting to a relatively small percentage of the overall Advertising / Marketing budget(s).

With shorter term project based work close rates range up to 10% (+/-), in regards to repetitive and/or ongoing operations we do reach close rates as high as 10-20% (+/-) with the highest rates to date being in the range of 20-30% + close rates. Certainly, there is a synergy between all parts that delivers the best of results for all concerned.