Channel / VAR Network Development / Cooperative Marketing Initiatives

ONE Communications / ONEComm brings over a decade of experience for Lead / Demand Generation into Channel and VAR / VASP Distribution for Enterprise and SMB focused IT Products and Services operations. ONEComm is able to provide standardization across Partner and Channel operations, while still providing unique Data / Lead Distribution & Management for Partners across the continental U.S. ONEComm provides scalable solutions with an awareness of how to represent the various VAR, VASP, and Channel offering which leverages top-line OEM Brand awareness and capabilities for Product Delivery at strategic levels as well as Regional / Local Channel & VAR support to yield Services and Product Resale and Project level opportunities. ONEComm provides Sales, Marketing, and Project Rollout Support making presentation of your Cooperative, Channel, and Partner campaigns collaboratively with your organization to your various Channel & Partner Sales and Marketing lead persons. ONEComm will bring to bear their decade plus of experience and supporting systems that are helpful in bringing success as a key "Value Add" to your Channel, Partner, and Cooperative Marketing campaigns.

Over the years, ONEComm has developed successful programs and we are currently providing services for the various IBM Premier Partners, SUN iForce Partners, Oracle, BEA, SAP Strategic Partners, EMC, Arrow ECS / MOCA / & AVNET, as well as various Enterprise Software Developers ISVs and Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs and their VAR, VASP, and Channel Groups, and various supporting Integration and Consulting Services companies.