Re: ONEComm Marketing Operations are Exceptional:

Pacific Voice & Data

“Everyone has a list to sell, so called inside contacts, or that unpublished phone number to the source of your sales dreams.  At the end of the day they all draw their information from the same published list of public information.  In today’s competitive market you need more than just another list.  You need a ‘Trusted Partner’ that can provide a true end-to-end solution to your business development requirements.


Kevin Ryan, and the team at One Communications, is that partner.  One Communications has become our scalable virtual marketing team, keeping our internal resources free to manage client relationships, and ‘CLOSE NEW BUSINESS’.”


Steven Miller
Chairman & CEO

Pacific Voice & Data


Having been in Marketing in Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Services for most of my career, I have never found a better and cost-effective partner for lead generation in the U.S. than Kevin Ryan (and ONE Communications).  The team of people he uses have senior-level IT experience and know how to have conversations with prospects about their companies’ initiatives.


And they (ONE Communications) take ownership of the leads they provide - if someone blows us off - return the lead and they (ONE Communications) re-qualifies and finds out what the issue was.  I have used many, many other companies and even tried some others while using Kevin (and ONE Communications) as I had to do so due to IBM Blue Dollars requirements - all the others were a waste of time.  Even our own in-house efforts at my previous company were a waste (of time by comparison).


Biff L. Myre
Director Availability Solutions
Information Availability Architect & SME

SunGard Availability Services