ONEComm - Enterprise IT Marketing Experience - Second to None

ONEComm Clients

ONEComm's clients are the veritable "Who's Who" of Enterprise Level IT Consultants, from Oracle & SUN Partners to CA and IBM Premier Partners across the continental United States. We also have other clients for whom we operate under non-disclosure agreements and per their request we do not utilize them as reference-able accounts while in production. ONE Communications has a plethora of B2B Enterprise Level IT marketing experience and has gleaned a resultant Knowledge Base throughout our organization and as applies to our operations.

Our ONEComm Knowledge Base

Over the last decade, after countless refinements as a matter of continued real time "Production" processes, our various ONEComm Teams have jointly forged our comprehensive ONEComm IQ² Marketing Methodology (Identify, Quantify, Qualify) as applies to "Everything" from Executive Management, Data List Management, Data Collection Design, Call Center Operations, and finally Reporting & Analysis. Now in 2019 the complete suite of ONEComm services comes to bear to bring your campaigns to fruition, including our ONEComm IQ² Methodology and Supporting ONEComm IT & Web-Services & DCD Solutions - (Data Collection Design) for eliciting Marketing Intelligence, Qualifying New Business, and finally Applied Market Intelligence to amplify those empirical results for your future campaigns. With ONEComm IT Support for Data & List Management and internal ONEComm Web & Applications Development capabilities in-house we have grown in order to increase our Client Support capabilities.

ONEComm Core Enterprise Solutions - ERP, CRM, and eBusiness Marketing Experience

Over the last decade, ONEComm Teams have provided support services for Lead Generation, Tele-Prospecting, Lead Nurturing, Appointment Setting, and Inside Sales Support Services Campaigns in support of 100's of Enterprise and SMB focused campaigns for various MRP, Accounting Solutions, ERP, R&D, Process Flow, CRM , APS, Supply Chain, Distribution and Warehouse Management, eBusiness and other Core Enterprise Applications Solutions.

ONEComm WebServices Applications Marketing Experience

For the last 4-5 Years ONEComm has met or surpassed projected production metrics for various 20 (+) Campaigns for IBM Websphere/ Oracle / Oracle (BEA) / Oracle (SUN) & CA / Custom Java and other Development / Integration Platforms for Web-Services Applications Development Solutions, Applications Performance Management, Services Management, and Collaboration, Collaborative Content Development, Distance Learning / Training, Business Process Management / Optimization, Applications Performance Management, Services Performance Management Solutions, including Microsoft Sharepoint Solutions, etc.

ONEComm Middleware Solutions Marketing Experience

Over the last 5½ + years ONE Communications has also met or surpassed projected production metrics for approximately #45 (+) ArrowECS EMC, Oracle, and Oracle / BEA  Partners and their Lead / Demand Generation initiatives delivering hundreds upon hundreds of Qualified “Scored” Lead Profiles & Soft Appointments.  Our ONEComm Teams are currently running successful initiatives for #16+ Oracle Partners focused on the Oracle FusionWare Middleware Opportunities, including but not limited to SOA, EAI, BPM, Compliancy / Regulatory Solutions and Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, DSP, and Real Applications Clustering; delivering Value Propositions, determining Points of Inception for Active Projects, and Qualified Business Opportunities.  ONE Communications has also run various successful ArrowECS / MOCA / SUN SAN, IDM, and iForce ERP, CRM, Supply Chain initiatives over the last several years as well.  

ONEComm Business Continuity & HA / DR Marketing Experience

ONEComm Teams have been engaged for the last 8 ½ + in support of various IBM Premier Partners throughout U.S. and Canada for support of  iSeries, AIX, and pSeries Marketing focusing on OEM Equipment Business Continuity and HA / DR Offerings (Lakeview Technology, Vision Solutions, and Itera Software Solutions and OEM Equipment Sales), including various IBM Remote Services Solutions and their Coop Marketing Lead Generation beginning in mid to late 2002 and into 2019.  Per those operations, we successfully ran serial campaigns for different IBM Premier Partners.   For one of those groups, Lakeview, our ONEComm Teams accounted for some 40% of their overall pipeline which generated over $300 Million annually.

ONEComm Data Center Operations / OEM Equipment Marketing Experience

ONEComm Teams have been engaged for the last 10 + in support of various SUN iForce, & IBM Premier Partners as well as various Generator / UPS / Power Conditioning / Power Distribution Solutions providers, throughout U.S. and Canada for support of Enterprise Server Marketing focusing on Data Center Design & Construction, Data Center Refreshers & Upgrades, OEM Equipment, Site / Environmental Monitoring, Asset Tracking, Security, Business Continuity and HA / DR Offerings.

ONEComm Consultative Marketing Experience

ONEComm has worked on behalf of Integration and Consulting Services, Value Added Resellers (VARs), Value Added Solutions Providers (VASPs) for the last 10 + years.  ONEComm has run 100s of campaigns in support of these Services Oriented clients driving multiple Strategic into Tactical Value Propositions for Client Products and Services Offerings to then be properly aligned with the Prospect’s Projects and Staffing needs.

ONEComm Metro, State, and Federal Government Marketing Experience

For the last ten years ONEComm has had long term experience and strong success in Metro, State, & Federal Government Marketing Operations. ONEComm is currently running initiatives for a Procurement Solutions & Lead Consulting / Staffing Providers focused on those markets. We have worked ongoing for groups that sit across Federal, State, Metro, and Enterprise i.e. OEM Equipment Providers (IBM Premier Partners, SUN, iForce, EMC Partners, and Major Core Applications Software & Database Licensors, Lead Consultants & IT Staffing providers, and others with Government Sector Offerings and high level Security Clearances / IT Operatives).

ONEComm - Suggested Business Client / VAR Partner Lead Follow-up Protocol

It is our experience that the IT Key Contacts and Decision Makers at these Prospect Companies are somewhat inundated with such Marketing / Sales calls and it is often a point of disparity to expect them to remember a specific call by a marketing representative some weeks back. One of the best follow up methodologies we have found from the experience of our ongoing clients is to simply touch on and remind them that they had recently spoken with one of your Marketing Representatives, and to then re-introduce the various Product Services offering(s) / Value Propositions.

ONEComm Applied Market Intelligence

ONEComm Marketing has built internal Applied Market Intelligence / Data Collection Design capabilities that begins by tracking Enterprise Level Mergers, Acquisitions, & Consolidations, Six Sigma initiatives, etc. throughout various Vertical Markets. Our ONEComm Marketing solutions then track from Business Process Levels and Web-Services levels on down intuitively through the Enterprise IT Stack for Strategic into Tactical IT Projects in support of IT and Business Process / Business Model requirements. For example, some companies as "consolidators" may be pushing a set of standards downhill into subsidiaries, other may act as holding companies with free standing business entities keeping separate IT support below; and certainly Single Companies may be expanding and bridging into Multi-Company Multi Location (SOA) Needs and Architecture to compete in today's marketplace. Each of these groups have quite different strategies for project rollouts and subsequently quite different approvals processing for bring said projects under review for contractual support and engagements by ONEComm Clients.