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ONEComm - Suggested Business Client / VAR Partner Lead Follow-up Protocol

It is our experience that the IT Key Contacts and Decision Makers at these Prospect Companies are somewhat inundated with such Marketing / Sales calls and it is often a point of disparity to expect them to remember a specific call by a marketing representative some weeks back. One of the best follow up methodologies we have found from the experience of our ongoing clients is to simply touch on and remind them that they had recently spoken with one of your Marketing Representatives, and to then re-introduce the various Product Services offering(s) / Value Propositions.

Phone Appointments, Hot Leads, and A Level Leads generated are batch processed and will be reviewed every one to two weeks, hot leads are delivered on a 24 hour turnaround to the client, and all leads are billable to the account pending their follow up by the client. Clients should be willing and able to make a minimum of #3-5+ follow up attempts via phone before rejecting any leads or passing them back to ONEComm operations for follow up / quality assurances evaluation. Any leads not followed up or returned by said client within #30 days of receipt will be deemed as accepted unless otherwise signified by specific agreements. All Appointments, Hot Leads, and A Level Leads and other deliverables that are accepted and/or pending will be considered payable until such determinations are made otherwise by ONEComm Quality Assurances processing and are subject to potential replacement should they be found to not have met the agreed upon qualifying criteria. Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, and Profiling Services may require some two to four weeks to ramp up and the monthly productivity will fluctuate with seasonal and market variances.

ONEComm provides Lead Generation and Business Development (Event and Appointment Processing) services on an hourly rate or on a "By the Lead" basis, with Pay for Performance models and relevant cost structures that vary depending on client product / services price points and offering(s) to the marketplace and subsequent enterprise sales cycles. The agreed upon Qualifying Criteria for what will constitute a "Qualified Lead" for your specific program(s), and the ONE Communications support services required to maximize production. Our ONEComm IT Support develops custom applications and target data for each initiative, complete with Scripting, Prospect Profiling, Digital Collateral Distribution, Lead Scoring, Lead Distribution, Campaign Reporting, and Marketing Consulting support.

Our full offering for "Ongoing Services" integrates our Business Development and Lead Generation services with our outbound and inbound Call Center Services, pushing electronic brochures and digital media, providing fulfillment services and collateral materials to prospect company decision makers. We profile prospects and track them through needs and sales cycles, nurturing Leads up to and including appointment / proposal readiness. Our ONEComm Teams on certain ongoing campaigns also provide Inside Sales support for Product Demonstrations, Sales Support, etc.

ONEComm Marketing & IT Services also provide an integrated services model to include operations and data from market surveys, email broadcast results, web-hits, requests for information product promotions, event registrations, and other Lead production for Marketing Communications events, seminars, and trade-shows. ONEComm integrates all of the data derived from any and all of these Marketing / Promotion / Pre-Sales programs into our integrated Data Management support to feed into our ONEComm Lead Generation Engine for Standardization of your Lead Process along with our Enhanced Follow-Up Services to Update Prospect Profiles and Qualify Business Opportunities for your organizations products and services offerings.

Our ONEComm Business Development and Consulting Services begins by working with your Marketing and Sales Lead persons through List Development ORE (Opportunity for Return of Expenditure) for target markets and development of business contacts, partner opportunities, and execution of your customize marketing programs. All of our ONEComm Business Development and Consulting programs seek to optimize production by effectively utilizing all of the resources of our in-house ONEComm Management and Marketing Consulting staff, our supporting ONEComm Information Technology services, and ONEComm Contact Center Operational capabilities.

ONEComm has developed and participate with a cooperative group of marketing and technology partners that as required will be able to further support our joint marketing efforts with their complementary offerings Our Marketing Communications and Production Services include the pre-production, promotion, and registration services for seminars, trade-shows, and corporate communications events. We have married ONEComm our services and integrate any of these Third Party programs with our Lead Generation Engine to maximize your ability to realize an ROI on your organization's marketing / production dollars. ONEComm also is Management Layer for some of the premier event production and fabrication companies in the country providing creative custom design, fabrication, installation, and on-site management services.

ONEComm Marketing and Inside Sales Reps are savvy & have an existing IT Knowledge Base that will minimize time to market, eliminate any trial and error start up awkwardness, and avoid any unnecessary delays involved in "legging" up a program internally. ONEComm's standardized methodologies and systems accelerate the ability ONEComm Marketing and Inside Sales Representatives to contact and achieve the rapport with Target Prospects, deliver Value Propositions, and Determine if there are Active Projects that are a fit for your organization, including IT Systems, Timeframe, and Budgetary information on behalf of your organization. Then our ONEComm Teams seamlessly transfer that rapport and any all supporting Lead Information / Data to your corporate Marketing & Sales Persons.

There are viable Outsource Marketing Services options such as ONEComm, who are cost effective, scalable, professional, and above all focused on production metrics and goals. ONEComm has taken "Marketing" and have transformed it into an Information Technology Business Services model that in most instances they will cost less than your in-house Call Center Marketing model while out-performing them on ROI, production, and even reporting levels. ONEComm is diversified and well networked, we provide specialized services and turnkey provisions, all just an email or phone call away.

Our ONEComm Outsource Marketing Services include market intelligence, analysis, reporting. The development and execution of targeted marketing Lists, Scripting, Profiling, Lead Scoring, Lead Nurturing, and Appointment Setting programs in either serial or parallel operations. This includes inbound and outbound call center services, development and distribution of supporting web content, email broadcasts, digital collateral, and printed promotional materials for direct marketing and mailing programs.

Our ONEComm IT and Web-Services include the Data Collection Design in support of our ONEComm Applied Market Intelligence enhancement for your Call Center Programs, Websites, Email Broadcasts and Electronic brochures and other mixed media with our custom developed ONEComm systems & tools for capturing pertinent information that provides us and your corporate Marketing and Sales Lead Persons with marketing list criteria, demographics, assists with tracking of productivity, and feeds into the integration of data and reporting.