Campaign / Initiative Set up

ONEComm Management will conduct interviews with your Marketing and Sales Teams at the inception of these Marketing Campaigns and Initiatives. Based upon your specialized needs, ONEComm Account Management will then design needed process and approvals for set up, protocols for lead transfer, and work with your Team to help align Lead Qualifying criteria with Product & Services offerings, and follow up processes, bringing into line campaign expectations while also planning to get appropriate resources in place for follow up of projected results.

Based upon your specialized Go to Market Strategies and Target Prospects, ONEComm Account Management will work collaboratively with your Team to cooperatively develop Target Marketing List Resources, Approved Scripts, Prospect Profiles, Qualifying Criteria, Digital and Printed Collateral Materials, and Lead / Appointment Transfer Protocol. Pricing includes any and all Account Management, IT Set up and Reporting, Lead Production and Training, Managerial Review and Quality Assurances.

ONEComm will provide ONEComm Campaign Management and Staffing for Account Management; Call Center Floor Management; Staff Training, Marketing & Inside Sales Staff, IT Production / Reporting; Call Production Staffing; ongoing Quality Assurances & Managerial Overview; with full Project Management & Administrative Support as needed.