Lead Distribution / Campaign Management Solutions

ONE Communications also offers low cost fully Web Based Lead Distribution and Management Solutions. These online applications offer secure Lead Assignment Management, giving your Marketing and Sales Teams Managerial Overview and Integrated Controls over your organization's Sales Reps, Partner / VAR Companies and their Individual Reps and their access to Leads to ensure timely and successful follow up of those Leads.

We welcome you to join us in an online demonstration. It offers not only web-based lead and campaign management but also powerful tools for data mining, sales forecasting and ROI measurement. With ONEComm's LeadManager, you can pass sales leads and other key marketing information via the web -- in real time -- to all members of your sales and marketing team, including predefined channel partners, sales representatives and field sales management.

ONEComm - Web-Services for Lead Distribution and Management Solutions

  • Set up Fees                    *$500-$1,500.00 (+)
  • Monthly ASP Costs           *$200.00-500.00 (+)
  • Cost per User (Monthly)    *$40.00 (+)

    *Subject to Quotation based upon Volume & Services Applied

    ONEComm Reports Leads / Appointments and other value added Data in .RTF Presentation Format and/or Tab Delimited or other Data Format(s) per our client needs and specifications as denoted in our Deliverable Schedule per our mutual agreement. ONEComm has onsite Master Degree Level Database Administration personnel for full Campaign and Production Reporting. ONEComm also integrates Lead Data and Reporting with various 3rd Party Lead Distribution, CRM, and PRM Solutions. Such DBA and set up fees vary and are subject to quotation. ONEComm also provide Call Center Applications Development Support, Data Collection Design, Database / List Management Support including Custom Scripting, Lead Profiling, & Lead Scoring.