ONEComm Time & Motion "Touches" Studies / Business Process "Services" Optimization

Time & Motion "Touches" Studies for ONEComm Business Process "Services" Optimization on behalf of our ONEComm Clients applies in all ONEComm Services & Production environments including the ONEComm Executive Management / Business Development Teams, Marketing Teams, Inside Sales Teams, Customer Services Teams, ONEComm IT & Web-Services Support, Quality Assurances, and Office Administration:

  • Identify ONEComm Services to be applied Management, Account Managers, Floor     Managers, Marketing, Inside Sales, IT Applications, Data / List Mgt, Web-Services Support,     & Administration
  • Define Criteria / Design the Output to expect from a ONEComm Marketing / Inside Sales     Work Group
  • Set the correct Crew size / with necessary Cross Training
  • Balance and schedule work assignments / Production Scheduling
  • Identify any constraints to Operational Output
  • Create a basis for Cost Definition and Control
  • Create Confidence
  • Create Incentive
  • Quality Assurances / Managerial Overview
  • Interim or Post Production run through Development Criteria / Performance Criteria
  • Comparative Analysis / Reporting
  • Criteria Adjustments / Production Criteria and/or Post Production "Templates"