Intuitive "Vertical" IT Delivery Marketing / Applied Market Intelligence

ONEComm collects pertinent IT Environment & Project Information from your targeted Prospect Company with our ONEComm Lead Profiling & Scoring under our ONEComm Data Collection Design / Call Center Operations. Based on history of Data from these target Prospect Companies based upon ONEComm experience with Vertical IT Delivery - Modeled on IBM / Oracle / SUN Delivery models over the last ten (+) years.

By ONEComm's Comparative Data Analysis and Applied Knowledge Base can determine those active projects / points of inception and also begin to project the intuitive impact of those current or approved projects, for subsequent follow-up for any and all prerequisite projects, ancillary projects, additional project resources, (i.e. lead consulting staffing) through our ONEComm Applied Market Intelligence.

These "implied" or future potential projects are based upon ONEComm Applied Market Intelligence's future IT Project modeling capabilities follow an intuitive path beginning with Prospect Company IT Environment information including any disparities or obsolescence, then factoring in reductive or expansive Prospect Company strategies, current or recently completed projects, and then working from Infrastructure level up or Business Process level down and mapping to the next intuitively predicable paths as "likely" projects for "Vertical" IT Delivery. Certainly, continued Data Collection / Call Center operations for Lead Nurturing and Appointment Setting are recommended to build relationships with Prospect Company Key Contacts.

With ONEComm Applied Market Intelligence - You will Win!

  • 10-15% + Greater Prospect / Lead Conversion for Net New Business
  • 10-15% + More of your Inside & Field Sales Representatives will Achieve their Monthly &     Quarterly Quotas
  • 10-20% + Higher Revenue Return and ROI based upon Marketing Dollars Expenditure