Our ONEComm News - December 28th, 2018

Outsource your Marketing for 2019!

Some of the hard choices that are being made in the 2019 highly competitive marketplace have to do with redefining and re-engineering of business processes and redefining and even the repositioning of a given business model in the marketplace. The time has come for basic Business 101; the only thing that you can control absolutely is your overhead. What are your options, what are the core functions for future growth and what can be eliminated? Of those that stay, what will require your absolute proprietary controls, and what can be sub-contracted or "outsourced".

Sales, Sales, Sales: In the "old school" model, it was the tried and true business case that some 20% of your sales force contributed 80% of your sales, and the other 80% of your sales force contributed merely the remaining 20%. The 20% of your sales force that you will hold close are those "Home Run Hitters", that other 80% that remain are designated as "Role Players". Other studies show that field and inside sales staff spend less than 20% of their time Cold Calling or developing new Prospects. Not exactly a strong growth factor there!

Today, skilled Outsource Marketing & Inside Sales Services Providers can be the "Role Player" and do the hard work, the "grunt" work, the phone work, the due diligence to Identify, Quantify, and Qualify new business Leads. These Outsource Team Members can Scale more readily without increasing net overhead and create initial the rapport with prospects, provide information fulfillment and pushing of collateral materials, and work to communicate the "value-adds" and "points of differentiation" to align your products and services with Needs and Sales cycles for the Target prospect companies. Outsource Marketing / Inside Sales can be a perfect complement to your own in-house needs and capabilities - setting up your "Home Run Hitters" with "fat" pitches and pipelines of Qualified Business Opportunities.

Our ONEComm Marketing and Inside Sales Representatives spend 100% percent of their time Cold Calling and Developing new Prospects on behalf of our clients! Outsource Marketing is a great option as it is scalable and changeable to meet your dynamic "Go to Market" needs, and in the majority of cases it is more cost effective than adding additional in-house programs, management, administration, and staff. With today's higher costs of doing business, the internal cost of those "Role Players" has simply given way to more cost effective Outsourcing Options.

Outsourcing solutions: In our current economic conditions is the time to grow aggressively while holding down costs by focusing on core competencies, and scaling back on any unnecessary overhead or excesses. Working with your Outsource Marketing Partners, we will jointly recoup forward momentum moving ahead with a full head of steam & right the ship.

Outsource Marketing vs. In-house Demand Generation Operations

  • Cost Effective / Diversified
  • Scalable On Demand Services
  • Competitive / Focused / Results Oriented
  • Reduced Overhead / Costs
  • Reduced Direct Management Requirements

    ONEComm Key Differentiators

  • ONEComm Data Resources / Target List Mgt
  • ONEComm Data Collection Design
  • ONEComm Acquired Knowledge Base (Applied)
  • ONEComm Optimized Operations / Performance Based
  • ONEComm Expertise (Applied Market Intelligence)
  • ONEComm Quality Assurances / Qualified Leads / Guarantees
  • ONEComm Web Based Lead Distribution / Campaign Management
  • ONEComm IT Support for Integration with 3rd Party CRM / PRM Solutions

    In weighing any outsource against developing your own internal resources, there are some very key metrics that come into play that our ONE Communications model is designed to eliminate or reduce greatly exposure as per our normal business operations. Approximately #1 in every dozen or so Marketing Reps hired will meet normal marketing production metrics. - ONE Communications has tracked and optimized our internal training performance to maximize Marketing Rep startup and longevity (return on training dollars). ONE Communications can apply an additional ten or twenty (+) proven and capable Marketing Representative to your initiative in a matter of days or weeks not months.

    Outside of the marketing production matrices there is of course Sales, which still classically breaks down to an "80/20" rule, whereby #1 out of every #5 Salespersons consistently carries a corresponding close rate / profitability margin. - ONE Communications has the scalable abilities to move in your specific market, updating and adding value to your Pipeline data while producing Qualified Leads and keeping your Internal / Field sales positioned for the Appointment / Proposal readiness in order to achieve the resultant ROI.

    ONEComm & companies like ours provide the necessary experience and track record, knowledge base, scalable systems and methodologies and services models for you to apply such Outsource Marketing resources as an outrigger for your ship to create ballast. We work cooperatively with you, augmenting your internal teams and once again moving your organization towards your revenue goals and growth ratios.