Our ONEComm News - October 1st, 2019

The Added Power of Marketing!
For Product Development and "Productization" of Services

For the information technology product and services business models in the market today, the "Power of Marketing" has greatly increased due to key market driven factors such as faster time to market requirements and ever-growing demands for even better products and services to remain competitive in the market. Marketing has essentially become a fulcrum between Advertising and Pre-Sales / Engineering best utilized as a "Push - Pull" entity that has both market penetration pre-sales and investigative qualities with data collection and applied market intelligence aspects to be leveraged to assist in the ongoing refinement of your "Go to Market" Strategies.

Marketing and corporate communications should function as the articulator that projects your vision into the marketplace, and marketing analysis and reporting will the eyes and ears to help to determine your company's positioning in the marketplace in the not so distant future. On an outsource basis you need to find and work with consummate marketing professionals who complement your existing staff and marketing directives. The marketing companies that truly understand and embody the power of marketing are few and far between.

How well do your existing products and services models for solutions development and delivery meet the needs of your current clientele and/or prospective clientele? What further development of products and services will be required to continue to meet their future needs? Yes, Marketing is now multifaceted in function both the front end of sales and the back-end of product development, ("product-ization" of services), and then finally leveraged for business development through Product and Services Distribution / Sales / Referrals through Channel, Partner, and Reseller networks. Data collection! Data Collection! Data Collection!

Through the coordinated and refined design of ONEComm Data Collection Design Tools, from Surveys, Events, Seminars, Websites, Customer Relations, Tele-Prospecting, Pipeline management, and Solutions Fulfillment. We now need to leverage Data Collection, Mining of unified Campaign Data, and Applied Market Intelligence for navigation as a symphony of services.

ONEComm management team and staff bring over a decade of marketing experience to bear on the development and execution of custom marketing programs. Marketing empowers the pre-sales, sales, and sales engineering units, integrates with the customer relations unit, and drives the product and service development engines.

ONEComm Operations include but are not limited to: Data Collection Design and Applications Development in support Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services, Development of Custom Scripting, Profiling, and Lead Scoring; Development of Websites & Data Solutions, electronic & digital Collateral Materials, and Print Media for fulfillment, Designated Staffing by Industry Trained Marketing and/or Inside Sales Representatives with Ongoing Training and Certifications; Electronic Distribution and Tracking of Pipelines of Qualified Business Opportunities and Prospects, working jointly to bring them to Appointment and/or Proposal readiness. Custom weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and comprehensive Campaign Reporting with weekly, biweekly, or monthly reviews and assessments Designated program management.

ONEComm operations are driven by custom Payable / Deliverable schedules with several pricing options for either by the hour, by the lead, or based by performance / pay as you go options, even with Inside Sales at Partner and/or Client levels with shared hard costs and participation and/or commissions for closed business

Reduce Costs / Increase Productivity

What more could you ask for in your time of need? Our ONEComm Management Staff along with our ONEComm Marketing and Inside Sales Teams have run > 1000+ successful campaigns and ha have employed Best Business Practices and processes and Best of Breed Business solutions for reciprocal communication and ongoing improvement of methodologies, systems, and support services. Interruptive into Permissive Marketing; Identify, Quantify, and Qualify (IQ2) Applied Methodology, Data Collection Design and complete integration of Outbound Call Center Services, In-bound 800#'s, Pushing of electronic Media and Brochures, Tele-Prospecting, Prospect Profiling, Lead Scoring, Identification of Prospect Needs and Sales cycles, Digital Lead Distribution & Tracking, & Lead Nurturing up to and including Appointment & Proposal readiness. Our ONEComm Teams are busy turning Suspects into Prospects; and Prospects into veritable qualified Business Opportunities.