Our ONEComm News - May 4th, 2019

Successfully Leveraging Your Sales & Marketing Investments to Date

You may already have targets in mind for improvement of your organization's Marketing, Pre-Sales, and/or Inside Sales operations. You may be looking for some outside Marketing and Sales Consulting that can work with you to address those targets and also assist your organization to quantify and execute on those high return or "Exceptional Ideas". Any "Exceptional Idea" is not truly tested or made profitable until it is successfully put into action!

Certainly your organization has run some combination of Market Analysis and building of Strategic Partners under your Business Development efforts for product sales and product-ization of services on the Go to Market Side. Your Sales Teams have done the CRM selection, licensing and roll-outs, worked for and received the necessary Product Accreditations and Sales Training focusing on Field Sales. Inside Sales Teams are reselling into your existing customers and prospective. Your Marketing Teams have done all of the website & collateral materials development and run events for current and prospective customers alike. Your Marketing Teams also run target list purchases, cooperative marketing, direct marketing, email campaigns, demand / lead generation & telemarketing campaigns & webinars. Your pre-sales Engineering Teams are buried with RFI into RFP performance and support. You may also have experienced some latent Sales Pipelines and other Pre-Sales Queue issues resulting from reorganization or turnover in sales staff. And where have all of these disparate operations all led you?

The good news is that the "Lion's Share" of the work has been done. The other "good" news is that now we know that we have to work harder and smarter! There are no easy answers, many are having some great success with higher level Lead Nurturing / Appointment Setting support focusing on existing investments for time sensitive Leads, Sales Pipelines, and Past & Current Customer Lists from any and all sources including but not limited to: Web-hits, Events, Tradeshows, and the aforementioned existing Pipelines, Lists from Sales Persons that may have left the company, and certainly current and Previous Customer Lists. Those IT Consulting & Services groups that are having success implementing their "Exceptional Ideas" are doing so with unified messaging across powerfully leveraged Contact / Data Management solutions with some Standardization of the Lead Formatting and then the application of "elbow to elbow" Due Diligence in order to drive results.

Our ONEComm Marketing Consulting and supporting ONEComm IT Teams are aggressively addressing Data Rectification and Standardization issues to consolidate Customer Lists, Warm Lists, Webinar / Event Attendees, Cold Leads, and any and all latent Pipeline Resources while transitioning all the Lead information into a Master Lead format with Data Rectification into Standardized Data and Version Tracking for all forms. That consolidated Pipeline Data and supporting Standardized Lead Formats then move into Call Center operations for Lead Nurturing and Appointment Setting to better drive Lead Nurturing, onsite Appointments, and New Business. You may find that within your organization due to cost and time restraints that these higher level Call Center / calling requirements may be best addressed with some outside or outsource support services. These outsource providers can assist with these operations on a scalable tactical or strategic level as needed without necessarily taking on more overhead or expending key management focus.

ONEComm Call Center operations are seasoned providers of said optimized Data & Pipeline Management, and our tiered ONEComm Tiered Consultative Marketing approach is then applied uniformly to best leverage all of your existing Marketing & Sales Pipeline investments to date in order to qualify them per their current and upcoming IT Environment / Project Needs into Sales Cycles and driving 10-20% (+) continually of those opportunities for Appointment / Proposal Readiness as a performance metric. Again consistency and timeliness are key elements for success. Those hard earned opportunities with prospect companies will only look contract to new and/or additional IT Products & Services Providers based on their internal needs and the perceived level of Services that are demonstrated by your Marketing & Sales performance. Jointly we need collect and manage the appropriate data to build those relationships and to get you in front of those people with timely needs and timely budgets.

Sometimes it may certainly prove to be advantageous to bring in outside Marketing Consultation to determine which campaign approaches, qualifying questions and interrogatives, and key criteria translates into the most salient points for Lead Qualification Processes that drive Qualified Leads that in turn meet Pipeline Requirements and help drive your Quarterly Quotas. This helps you to unify Lead Production and successfully manage your Sales Pipeline, by identifying key performance criteria and standardizing data to successfully determine which of the overall underlying lead resources is most accurate, timely, and yielding higher returns. This Applied Market Intelligence is introduced to determine will be the next steps for further development of business relationships with prospect contacts.

Our ONEComm Lead Distribution / Pipeline Management are based upon Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing yielding a continual 10-20% (+) Appointment Level Deliverables. Any and all Leads and Appointments can be delivered directly to Client Marketing and Sales. Or alternatively, ONEComm can deliver and manage Lead Distribution, Lead Nurturing, and Appointment Setting processes via our online web-based ONEComm LeadManager lead distribution web services. This is an ideal real time solution giving you transparency of Marketing into Sales operations while you are delivering leads to remote and/or field sales, channel, and or partner level sales, etc. These are areas where your organization would benefit from real time Web Distribution of Qualified Leads, Lead Tracking, Enhanced Lead Follow up, through Closed Business; while also giving your organization protections against Leads not being followed up, or worst case scenario lost due to reorganization or turn over in Channel / Partner sales.

Per our ONEComm Customer Relations / Call Center Production / Data Collection Design Teams we can set up support of specific Customer Centric initiatives for Product / Services / Solutions sales follow ups, update lead and contact information and get in touch with those previously or less frequented Customer Contacts. ONEComm Customer Relations Teams will determine salient points of needs and interest, and report to the Appropriate Marketing / Sales / AE Contacts based upon your established protocols. ONEComm will augment your current in-house capabilities to move into ongoing Customer Support operations as an "Enhanced Digital Follow-up" farming or mining operation. Our ONEComm Marketing Representatives will introduce themselves as "Your Company's" Marketing Department and follow your established protocols to inquire as to any customer satisfaction topics , present your "updated" Company Product & Services Information, support new Value Propositions, and dialogue with your Customers to check and gather for any new outstanding IT requirements, approved or pending projects, including Business Case Development / Feasibility Studies or administration for Scheduling of Conference Calls and/or Onsite Appointments.

ONEComm Marketing Consulting will work collaboratively your organizations Marketing and Sales Lead-persons to cooperatively develop Target Marketing List Resources, Approved Scripts, Prospect Profiles, Qualifying Criteria, Digital and Printed Collateral Materials, and Lead / Appointment Transfer Protocol. Pricing includes any and all Account Management, IT Set up and Reporting, Lead Production and Training, Managerial Review and Quality Assurances. ONE Communications will can provide your organization with turnkey or scalable tactical level Marketing Consultation; Key Account Management; Call Center Floor Management; IT Production Data & List Management / Data Collection Design & Standardization; Campaign Reporting; Inside Sales & Marketing Call Production Staffing; Quality Assurances / Managerial Overview; & Project Management / Administration Support. ONEComm is absolutely committed to successfully Leveraging Your Sales & Marketing Investments to Date