Our ONEComm News - March 28th, 2019

ONEComm - Successfully Marketing Your Cloud Services Offerings 2018 into 2019

Yes, in 2019 everything has come full circle once again, we have come from the original Mainframe dummy terminals and networks, then into Applications Services Providers (ASP), and now we find our Target Markets once again looking to reduce IT Infrastructure & Software costs via "Cloud" Services. Cloud computing refers to services, applications, and data storage delivered online through powerful remote file servers. Speaking at Oracle OpenWorld last year, Larry Ellison said that the computer industry is more fashion-driven than women's fashion and cloud computing is simply the latest fashion. So true to the latest fashion where what was old is now new again, "dépêche mode", we bring you ONEComm Marketing for Cloud Services for 2018 - 2019!

Per Forrest Research; "58% percent of private sector information technology executives anticipate that "cloud computing will cause a radical shift in IT"; and 47% say they're already using it or actively researching it" Per the Brookings Institute some 20-35% of overall Enterprise and Government IT Costs are devoted to hardware, software, and file servers. Both Corporate Data Centers had been on the rise over the last decade, and along with IBM, VMWare, Oracle, & Salesforce, all of the largest Hosted Services Providers are up significantly in market share & revenues in this space. Desktop Virtualization also presents great cost / savings advantages for your target prospect Prospect Companies and those that are Providers that leading that Desktop Virtualization charge are Cisco, Citrix, FlexCast™ & NetApp among others and their large and medium level VASPs (Value Added Services Providers).

ONEComm has had great marked success in 2018 - 2019 in bringing ONEComm Client Cloud Services to market, including the finding the appropriate Points of Inception (Server Virtualization / HA/DR / Remote Services / & Desktop Virtualization), and driving new business. Parallel to these marketing efforts are the ongoing evaluations at Enterprise and SMB levels for potentially creating some savings which then may be reapplied as IT Expenditures in lieu of any budgetary increases for IT spending. Except for rare cases in fairly specialized vertical markets IT Optimization and Downsizing is the credo. Remote Services = Internal IT Downsizing for the Prospect Companies.

In this 2018 - 2019 into 2020 timeframe, ONEComm nearly doubled the amount of imminent Leads / Appointment level opportunities (20-40% +) delivered to our ONEComm Clients through these ongoing Cloud Services campaigns. Furthermore, ONEComm Clients are moving a higher percentage of Pipeline Leads and moving into competitive Proposals and Closed Business (50-70% +).

Prime Points of Inception for Cloud Services by Brookings, Gartner, & Forrest Research:

  • Remote and/or Hosted Services for Backup of Virtual Servers
  • Back up and Storage (Verifications & Testing and other headaches off of the Prospect Company's plate)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Infrastructure Capitalization / Leasing / Real Estate reductions
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Remote and/or Hosted Services for licensing optimization and mobile / virtual operations
  • Remote and/or Hosted Services for Backup of Virtual Desktop Operations

    Prime Talking Points for Cloud Services by Brookings, Gartner, & Forrest Research:

  • Cloud vs. Private Cloud
  • Virtualization as a factor for Consolidation of Risk (HA/DR)
  • How will you redirect greater IT resources to cloud computing in order to reap efficiencies represented by that approach?
  • How would you plan compile data on cloud computing applications, information storage, and cost savings in order to determine possible economies of scale generated by cloud computing?
  • How could you facilitate purchasing through measured or subscription cloud services and cloud solutions appropriate for low, medium, and high-risk applications?
  • How will you harmonize your business process guidelines and or EAI / Applications Delivery for cloud computing to avoid a "Tower of Babel" and reduce current inconsistencies in regard to privacy, data storage, security processes, and personnel training?
  • Would you bring in outside Consulting to examine rules relating to privacy and security to make sure departments have safeguards appropriate to their operations?

    ONE Communications / ONEComm provides your Complete Marketing Solutions to help build and manage your Pipeline of unique Qualified Business Opportunities. ONE Communications utilizes proven best business practices and methodologies for Strategic into Tactical Deployment / Ingress / Egress, and Post Production Data Collection models to deploy our ONEComm Call Center Services and ONEComm IT Web Services to find and Qualify new Business Opportunities for your Enterprise IT Products and Services offerings. Our ONEComm Executives, Directors, and IT Management have over a decade of experience with 1000+ successful Marketing, Pre-Sales, and Inside Sales Campaigns under our ONEComm Marketing Information Business Services unit.